We did it! JavaFX8 multimedia project on iPad, Android, Windows and Mac!

Within the last month we worked very hard to reach one goal: Develop an app with JavaFX8 for Windows, Mac, Linux AND iOS and Android! Aaaanndd….we did it! For our app with used JavaFX8 in conjunction with FXML, CSS and native C code to bring a awesome multimedia app to the mobile platforms and to the desktop. With only ONE project – from only ONE developer – and very very quick.

If any company is interested in using this cross platform deveelopement technology (Java and JavaFX), please contact us at http://www.ultramixer.com/contact


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UltraMixer Digital Audio Solutions

Here are the results:

JavaFX8 on iPad 3

JavaFX8 on iPad 3

JavaFX8 on 99$ Android tablet

JavaFX8 on 99$ Android tablet

JavaFX8 on 99$ Android tablet

JavaFX8 on 99$ Android tablet


JavaFX 8 app

JavaFX 8 app to remotely control desktop software via WebSockets

IMG_2152 Kopie

JavaFX 8 app with native audio engine in C via JNI on iPhone 4


Intellij crossplatform project structure

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