JavaFX on iOS and Android: The real problem and challenge

Hello to the community,

I read the last discussion about „JavaFX native look and feel“ on the openjfx mailing list and have to get out of my mind the following things:

In my opinion the MAIN point is not „how to bring the native look and feel to iOS/Android“, the real MAIN issue is: we need a professional JVM(!) which works performant and reliable on iOS, Android and Windows 8! Only if we have such a JVM, developers and companies are motivated to develop real commercial apps with JavaFX and contribute stuff back to OpenJFX!

RoboVM is a good „prototype“. Niklas is currently one of the most important people for the JavaFX community. He and his company has build the first and one and only real solution to deploy Java and JavaFX code to the iOS platform! His work is really great! But: He is only one(!) person! This kind of complex task I would expect from big companies like Oracle, IBM, SAP or Twitter. But from this direction we don’t hear anything about it.

It is not enough that people like Niklas (Trillian AB) or Matthias and me (UltraMixer) are trying to bring JavaFX to iOS and Android. It’s all experimental stuff! Yes, currently we can start JavaFX apps on a real iPhone and iPad. And yes, we have managed to start JavaFX on a real Android device using the Dalvik VM. BUT: this is not a long term solution and only experimental! RoboVM on iOS uses the android class library instead of the real Java = OpenJDK. Our „JavaFX on Android“ solution uses Google Dalvik VM and the Android class library as well! So both solutions does not use the real Java platform (=OpenJDK)!

In my opinion there are only two solutions: 1) Oracle releases their JVM for iOS and Android. 2) The „community“ starts a new company who develops a professional, performant and reliable solution for „JavaFX on iOS and Android“ which contains of a JVM and the 6 degrees Felix described in his blog post, mainly native integration (API) and look and feel (skins, native controls).


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